How to access extra installed disk from Cubes OS?

I received my NitroPC and I am experimenting with Cubes OS.
I can see volumes varlibcubes > data and vm-pool > data & metadata which seem to be in total 4 TB.
But there is supposed to be another 2 TB SATA disk installed in the NitroPC.

How can I ‘mount’ that disk and make it available to the different cubes in Cubes OS ?


What install options did you choose? If you have one NVMe drive and one SATA drive of each 2 TB then I reckon you probably used LVM to create a 4 TB LVM pool and therefore don’t have the 2 TB SATA drive available to mount. If there is an available drive, it will appear in the devices widget menu as something like “dom0:sdb”.