How to access the docker page or docker config?

I have used docker in the past and I remeber accessing it in the terminal with “ds”, I have SSH access but I can’t launch the docker config. Also I am a bit lost of how to access docker in the browser.
My idea is to set a prosody server on my nextbox, would it be recommended to just install in the debian system or install it with docker?

Hey @bs02

please understand that we generally cannot support configurations which are not included by the NextBox software packages. Accessing your NextBox using ssh is an expert-feature to make sure you are allowed to have full control of your hardware - but this essentially makes your NextBox a custom Debian system for which you are responsible.

This being said, I’ve never used ds for docker configurations, the NextBox uses docker and docker-compose and (of course) no web-interface for those (as this would be a major security issue). Please be careful, you can easily break things if you do not know what you are doing.

Further, I have no experience with prosody, so no idea how to deploy it in a good way, sorry…