How to configure cron jobs and further documentation improvements

My new Nextbox now runs smoothly (and way faster than the former system based on Odroid/USB-HD) and I start to wonder how I can tweak it some more. Alas, I only have close to none experience with Docker.

For example:

  1. I’d like to enable a cron job for the Preview Generator app. How?
  2. Admin page says: “Module php-imagick in this instance has no SVG support” and recommends installing it. How?
  3. I understand that NC upgrades are pushed by Nitrokey. (BTW: How often? Is there an RSS feed or the like I can use to keep up to date?)
    Does this include OS updates? Or should I run apt update && apt upgrade once in a while?
  4. Speaking of security: I think I’d like to install and configure fail2ban also on this server (cf. NC documentation). Can you give some advice?


Hey @Lothar,

Happy to hear :smiley:

  1. It looks like you just need to regularly call occ, calling occ is documented here: Nextcloud FAQ — Nitrokey Documentation … modern linux distributions don’t use cron anymore, just use a systemd timer to do this call.

  2. php (and its modules) are part of the stock Nextcloud docker image, thus this will only be resolved if the Nextcloud guys update to php 8, which is still a bigger issue afaik

  3. there is no fixed schedule, we plan to release at least once every major release. We were also thinking of an RSS feed with NextBox announcements, but nothing is set up yet

  4. fail2ban just parses the nextcloud.log file, which is to be found in /srv/nextcloud/data/, despite that you can just follow the docs you linked