How to drop application database?


My Nextbox whent into maintenance mode after running into a problem when updating an application called Memories.

I subsequently managed to get out of the maintenance mode, disable and remove Memories. Before removing it I tried to update the application through the command line (SSH) as well. This failed, as expected, but gave me a hint as to what caused the failure. Apparently some column was missing from one of the tables of the Memories-database.

However, re-installing the application after its removal again fails. From what I read about it online this might be due to the application database not being removed when removing an application.

So, now my question is how to drop the Memories-database? I can’t seem to find a mariadb-client binary or anything. I also don’t know if there are raw files which I can simply delete from the file system to do the trick. And probably the database can’t be accessed remotely (it shouldn’t of course!).

Any help is appreciated.