How to alias "pass" under Linux with git repo

Hi Nitrokey users.

The Passwordstore alias “pass” is a Password Manager what uses OpenPGP or GnuPG. It also has support for git.

If you want to use alias “pass” for your Passwords, here is a how to:

  1. go to and Setup your Nitrokey and if necessary make a Factory Reset.

  2. next generate a Key like described here: OpenPGP Keygen with Backup

  3. go to You can see more tools on that website by scrolling down or You can use GUIs (Graphical User Interface) for easy manage your Passwords.
    For console do this (make sure you have pass and git installed):

pass init <GPG Key ID>

pass is now usable.
Generate Password:

pass generate Folder/ 15

see it with:

pass Folder/

Initialize git:

pass git init

Using a git repo server do this (can be skipped if not needed):
On Server install git some how. And make sure you have SSH login possible.

mkdir ~/.password-store
cd ~/.password-store
git init --bare

On your Machine:
Add remote server:

pass git remote add origin <user>

Push your entire Password Folder to git server:

pass git push -u --all

Now if you update your passwords in pass to your git server:

pass git push

Server stuff is done.
Now your pass is set up.

If you have a new machine and you want to restore your keys from git repo:
Import your public key for your nitrokey OpenPGP key:

gpg --import public-key-file.asc

Clone git repo from server:

pass git clone <user>

make shure you do not have a folder in a folder if you had already set up pass.


If you want to Update your local store from git repo server:

pass git pull

This are the Basics. If you have trouble with git, please read the man pages. I highly recommend a GUI described on the Website to manage your Passwords like “passff” for Firefox.

Hope That helps a bit.