How to reset user password


I launched nitropad for the first time in a long time, but I forgot my user password.
So I tried to reset the password by following the steps below, but I couldn’t enter grub because nitropad uses nitropad’s own boot system. ← right?

I searched for password reset, in nitropad, but couldn’t find any corresponding threads.
What steps can I take to reset my user password?
Also, I don’t really understand the boot configuration of nitropad, and the difference between normal qubes and nitropad. Are there any resources to help me understand?
Thank you for your help.

After a little research, the boot loader that seemed strange was heads.
I don’t think the above method can be used with nitropad because the boot loader has been replaced from grub to heads. Is it possible to reset the password reset from heads?
Also, I accidentally started dracut. What is the role of this?

I’m sorry for lack of knowledge. I don’t know too much about bootloaders and emergency shells, I need to study more.
Do you have any recommended resources to help you study?

What should work is the way described here:
You can boot the install media via the USB Boot Option in Heads

Thank you for information.
I will try it later.

I could create the install media, but nothing is displayed on /media, so I can’t boot. What should I do?
I could confirm usb from lsusb.

/media is just the directory if nothing is mounted it is empty. Where you able to boot into a live system?