How to setup a tor hidden service on nextbox

Is it possible to setup tor on nextbox to use a tor address to connect to it?

from a technical perspective it is possible. Nextbox facilitates docker and tor can be set up to run on docker, too.
Notice: The additional docker container(s) for tor will reduce the available CPU and Memory resources of the box.

Enable ssh access on the box and see :

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I am a bot lost of how to connect with SSH, I never used it manually like it is required with the nextbox, where do I get the info to put here?

I managed to enter SSH…but maybe I should try a simpler solution…

Hey @bs02 ,

there is plenty information there which format to use and generally please understand that we cannot give support for anything ssh related (because you essentially make yourself the admin of the NextBox).

Although, if setting up ssh is not trivial for you, you might not want to set up a tor node - because it won’t get less complex from this point onwards.

I was able to use ssh, but thanks anyway for the info. By the way is it safe to run a ‘sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade’ every now or then? Or it may break things as it’s set with automatic updates?

generally yes, but there might be non-security updates (security updates are automatically ran using unattended-ugrades) which might break compatibility e.g., for netbox-daemon dependencies, this is quite unlikely as debian is pretty stable, but cannot be fully excluded.