How to use thinkpad-ec on Nitropad bios


I am trying to do this GitHub - hamishcoleman/thinkpad-ec: Infrastructure for examining and patching Thinkpad embedded controller firmware to enable usage for t420 keyboard change for my t430.

I have CBET4000 Heads-v1.4-6-gd46488a
but thinkpad-ec github page says i need BIOS 2.81 (G1ETC1WW) and EC 1.13 (G1HT35WW)

Does that mean there is no way for me to ec flash it unless I’m willing to go back to G1ETC1WW?

says here it can be ec flashed on G1ETC1WW and then possible to upgrade to coreboot

Yes, it is not possible with our firmware. You would need to flash back the old bios.

To be more precise: This might be possible under coreboot/heads, but it would need quit a deep dive which unfortunately nobody seems to has done till now

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I am currently on maximized CBET4000 Heads-v1.4-6-gd46488a.

i have a lesser concern about security right now and i just want to try to make the old keyboard work…

is it ok for me to do internal flash from nitropad heads to skulls or coreboot?
if yes… do i flash and top and bottom?


This is a good question to ask, it would be nice if they added this kind of info to their documentation.

Which rom to use for what and when, etc…

Hi, did you mange to make the keyboard swap working?