How to verify binaries using GPG signature

Can you help me to find your public gpg key?

I can only see: 868184069239FF65DE0BCD7D D9BAE35991DE5B22

how can I get the public key to verify the sha256sum.txt from this?

any quick steps/tips would be greatly appreciated,

While describing the release artifacts I sometimes forget to include proper instructions about binaries verification, and related with it key fetching. Let’s answer all the related questions here.

Key is available e.g. here:
It can be imported automatically with:

gpg2 --receive-keys 868184069239FF65DE0BCD7DD9BAE35991DE5B22
# or directly from an URL if needed
gpg2 --fetch ""

Signatures can be verified with:

gpg2 --verify sha256sum.txt.sig

And with that confirmed, we can finally verify the hash sums:

sha256sum --check sha256sum.txt