HowTo tell Kleopatra to use NitrokeyPro


the command “gpg --card-status” shows me, that my NitroPro ist recognized correctly. I generated keys, filled my name and so on…

But how can I tell Kleopatra or Kgpg to use the key on my NitroPro? I just can see/use my imported keys on disk.

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Maybe I forgot to mention, I use OpenSuSE Leap and KDE-Plasma. I have only gpg2 installed.

Okay, I did one step forward. Right-click the Kleopatra-tray-icon. There is an menuentry “Smartcard”. I expand it and I click something like “refresh card status”. There are two more entries “learn certificates from nitrokey v3”. That is what I need, but it’s greyed out and so unclickable.

What I’am doing wrong?

In leap kleopatra seems broken when used with smartcards and this not since yesterday. 13.2 had the very same problem.
Anyway Kleopatra is currently still kde4 in leap, while the desktop is Plasma 5.
If you want ot use Nitrokey or Cryptostick 2.1 with Leap I would suggest to do the following:
use gpa and kgpg. That works.
You also have make sure to install the correct PCSC driver for your card.
Kleopatra has recently been ported to plasma 5 so maybe when Leap 42.2 comes out it will be possible to use it. Provided that KDE will be conveniently updated for the new version.

(I will suppose that with gpa/kgpg you do not encounter problems. If so, follow this howto, worked for me with cryptostick in leap: … Guard.html

:bulb: An update on this.
Actually to be correct: Kleopatra is not broken, instead the feature is not yet supported. But it is on its way (this is the good news).

The discussion can be seen at:

So that should answer this thread.
Once I find out it has been released and integrated I may well drop by in this thread and update on it.

In the meanwhile you may use as I indicated above gpa and kgpg with leap. Works for me very well (with Crypto-Stick 2.1 but I am quite sure will also with nitrokey).