HSM2 do I need other HSM for MofN auth?

I just read about using m of n to replace the user pin.
Can I enroll any key or do they need to be on other Smartcard HSMs?

If the latter is the case then I am seriously fed up with this device do not try to make use of it anymore. And I’ll propably dump on Nitrokey at every occasion possible.

You need other Nitrokey HSM 2 for this purposes.

Fancy. Really. So it is a completely closed ecosystem that depends entirely on direct bidirectional communication of the device to the vendor.
This draws the entire appeal of your company into the ridiculous.
There is nothing open hardware about it.
You just use the NK Start 's openness to implicitly paint those qualities on the other products as well.
On top the user experience and even dev experience of your products is abysmal.

Why again should I not just buy from Yubikey for an order of magnitude better integration and usability for the same closedness?