HSM2: Documentation for sc-hsm-pkcs11?

Is there documentation for the sc-hsm-pkcs11 library? I do have access to the CardContact CDN but I cannot find anything that lists the APIs, methods, and properties.

AES-KEY-GEN is listed as an available mechanism on my HSM-2, but I need to be able to leverage the functions from within a C# application so I can send the keygen, encrypt, and decrypt calls to the HSM.

I can use standard PKCS11 libraries for the asymmetric stuff but it looks like everything I need for symmetrical operations are contained in the sc-hsm-pkcs11 library. I do have it installed but I can’t find the documentation that details the input parameters, input parameter types, and return types.

I did find the ‘aes’ branch on GitHub, but it’s only the source files. I was hoping there was a structured document somewhere.

I think you could - and should - use PKCS#11 library to do the symmetric stuff as well… the APIs are not very difficult to use…