HSM2 random bad card detection windows 10

I use Nitrokey HSM2 on differents system with windows 10 and i have sometimes bad card detection.
If i use pkcs15-tool -D , the result is “card not present”
If i unplug the hsm and plug after, the card is ok
i tried on usb3.0 port and i have the same issues (sometimes)
In my system, i can’t unplug hsm2 for this problem .
Do you have a suggest?
Best regards

The card seems to be unreadable. All opensc tool said card not présent. It’s ok only if i unplug usb hsm et plug another time.
Do you have a solutions please. We use more than 50 hsm key and it’s a very bad mistake. We can’t unplug it
Best regards

Maybe you should contact the official support email about it?