I can't connect the wifi

i can’t connect the wifi, … maybe it depends on the fact that i have installed kde ?, … how do i solve?

Please be a little bit more precise, that would help a lot and speed up the process. What Operation System? NitroPC/Nitropad T430/X230? What does it mean you can’t connect? Do you see the Wifi Network but it will not Connect? Any error messages? Do you have a Screenshot?

it is a nitropad t430 with qubes os, the network manager no longer compares me and therefore I cannot connect it to the internet
p.s. maybe it’s because i installed kde?

this could be an issue I never tried this

This can be a stupid remark but maybe you switched off the wifi adapter? There is a physical switch on the right side of T430, near the USB connector.

lol, it was just like that I solved XD, sorry is that I never had linux, and the only pc I used is a mac, so forgive the ignorance, and thanks again :wink: