I couldn't install some applications via google store

I’m in trouble in nitro phone2.
I couldn’t install some applications like Instagram via google store.
I pushed install button but nothing happened. Just stopped.
I could install most of applications.
In the case, How should I do?

I don’t know your specific use case. The idea of a NitroPhone is to have a GrapheneOS based phone without dependency to google or invasive app stores.

Gain full control of your smartphone without Google and Apple! The NitroPhone is now available in the online shop.

That said, there are some Play Store alternatives that try to package and ship also apps like Instagram.

Not tested myself but rumor has it, that Instagram is available on Aurora Store that can also be found on F-Droid.

Dear nku

Thank you for your quick reply.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find instagram via aurora store.
However I could install it via network line not wifi.
Maybe it’s because of my internet environment.
That’s kind of you!