I need more otp and hotp slots, maybe 200-500. How? It's extremely few otp and hotp spaces on these! And because of that i can't access some important sites right now

Hi… How can i use more hotp and otp spaces? It’s way few! I have had to deleted important otp spaces and like choose who i need the most and delete one sometimes… Now i have two sites i cant get into because of this…
How can i fix this? Is it just the GUI that has these lame amount of otp options? like 10? I need like 100-500, that would be good. Can you help me out? Thanks!

Not that i would use 500, but maybe 100 who knows, eventually. They can’t take up that much space right!? Why so extremely few spots on a nitrokey? Is it the GUI that’s limited?

If i can’t get help with this i might need to change brand… and search for similar but more space. Who even thought about like… “yeah, let’s just have these small amounts of OTP and HOTP spaces…” Why? How did you even think?

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you could use a password manager and protect that using otp on the token. Then inside the password manager you could add more entries.

pass can be encrypted using gpg key that resides on a token and there is a plugin for otp.

ok, well… is the smartcard that small for real? Under 200 otp spaces?
What do the developers say? It’s easy having them on an usb…

Hi! What Nitrokey model do you have? Nitrokey Pro and Storage do have small storage, hence 10+ OTP slots are available.
For Nitrokey 3 I’ve tested OTP credentials count up to 1000, and it was working fine.
It was limited artificially to some smaller value (50 if I am not wrong) due to some potential performance problems.

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Aha… Sounds like i need to get one of those later on then.