I ran into some issues with an install on a nitropad T430. (heads bios problem)

was using a test version of Hyperbola, wondered how I can open a live install manually within heads on my Nitropad T430i, and borked my lvm2…

Whenever I try to boot Hyperbola’s 3.1 live image, it drops me to a recovery shell due to it expecting the directories in said live image to be similiar to other distros.

I know how to fix this problem, if I only could get into the Hyperbola live image and mount everything within. But there in lies the problem…

/hyperbola/boot/syslinux does not have vmlinuz in it aka…
That may be part of the problem.

Anywho help would be appreciated.

Actually, it seems to be happening on other usbs…

I begin to wonder, if its safe to switch to a different open source bios and switch back, when I feel its safe to.

I can’t even load a devuan live persistent now… :confused:

mount: mounting on /dev/sdb1 on /media failed invalid argument

that’s the error I get


  1. What is yours Heads version?
  2. You should be able to easily change the BIOS through the Heads update feature, though that is out of scope for the support (and this is most probably not handled by the warranty).
  3. About the mount error, is this happening after USB boot attempt? Can you write all steps / a reproduction scenario?

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Yeah, I am sure it is out of the scope of support, that being said, for now I don’t see a purpose in doing so. I thankfully had a backup copy of my OS, aka, disk cloning ftw…

As for what you just mentioned, yes… if I try to load a live persistent usb version of hyperbola, it drops to a shell immediately.

Probably because it expects /dev/sda2 instead of /dev/sdb2? loading a usb this way works on coreboot better. Oh well…

It waits 10 seconds than drops to a shell before I can even unlock the encryption. Weird yes?

I do however, wish there was an option to modify how the os boots before it loads it, for a temporary measure and obviously, requring a password to do so… :wink:

Thank god for disk cloning though, that’s ultimately the only way I could fix the problem. :grin:

Although, to keep a long story short, I also needed to reclaim space that I lost, which was tricky, but the whole story simplified… its a mess to install arch based distros on nitropad.

Appreciate you replying to my issue though.