Intel Management Engine, how to 'deactivate'

Hello all,

in the nitropad descriptions, it is stated, that the me was ‘deactivated’.
Is it enough if the stock bios is exchanged with coreboot, and me, gbe and fd not touched ? Is me still be able to operate in this state?
Or is it necessary to remove/strip me using me_clean to really render it non functional?

Thanks in advance for the answers!!

Hey @bit,

in general replacing bios with coreboot does not neutralize ME, you’ll always have to run me_cleaner to deactivate it.


Hello @daringer, thanks for your reply. I checked your git, you already provided ‘nitropad-t430-v1.3.1-1a4e1c8.rom’… can i use it and directly flash it onto the eeprom’s on t430 following instructions on coreboot or flashrom for t430? I would just try to flash both chips completely with the 12MB ROM…Or is there anything else i have to keep in mind regarding the flash process?

Until which point can i continue the whole setup incl. installation of qubes, before i have to introduce the nitrokey for verified boot and tamper protection?.. because it will probably take some time until i can finally get a nitrokey… but i would like to continue the setup as far as possible until i get the nitro key…

Thank you very much for the great work you guys are doing…