Keepass2 sucks i have issues with nitrokey, please fix KeepassSX SUPPORT!

Can you PLEASE fix keepassSX support with nitrokey? I have big issues using HOTP with a password manager in debian. Any ideas???
What are the alternatives? I did set up keepass 2 once, but later on lost my passwords… Must have set it up wrong it worked in the beginning. Can you fix another alternative?? The nitrokey is awesome! But the support with linux and HOTP/password managers are really bad… Or am i doing this wrong does anyone of you have this working???

Do I understand correctly that you don’t have a Nitrokey storage (on which you’d just store your passwords), but you want to keep Keepass files on your machine and then trigger their opening via a non-storage key?



Yes you are correct.
Are there any better ways then keepass2? KeepassSX would been better… Does anyone have a good setup with password managers and a database file that you can move around and copy to computers? And you need a nitrokey to open that password vault.

This one would be optimal.

Ami the only one having issues with keepass2?

I can use any open source and secure password manager for linux really…
The most secure way must be OTP and a password on the password manager right? I’mn no coder i linked github for coders and support mostly

I did mean to write KeepassXC earlier as support. Not KeepassSX!
This one: KeePassXC - Wikipedia

Please implement it!

I’m going to try and see if it’s supported… might already work

So i have tried keepass2 a while, and it works. It does not suck… Was a bit rude of me to type that when developers have worked on it.
But i also read they did not implement https with updates when it was http and so on…

keepassxc looks clean and is open code. Could you please get better supported linux password managers nitrokey forum?
FOSS and secure, without plugins…
Thank you