Latest Firmware?

Happy New Year !

Is there a page, where I can see the latest Version of the FW for a NitroKey (and maybe a linkt to it) ?
I wonder if a page like Nitrokey | Secure your digital life might be extended with FW Versions ( e.g. HSM 3.3, NK Pro 2.1 …)

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Happy New Year!

Sounds like a good idea! The use case would be I guess to quickly check updates in the firmware, is that right? Perhaps better would be to ask Nitrokey App to do so instead and notify user. Would that help?

Yes, with this the user could quickly check if an update is available.
As I am not using the app, it would not help. I am using cmd-line and FreeBSD systems. I am using OpenSC/PCSC-lite/ccid-usb toolchain to access these NK’s on the server . on my Macs I am using MacGPG. The NK Storage is currently not used.
I also have diffrent HW Versions (e.g. HSM1 and HSM2 or ProV1 /ProV2 ) so an easy and simple check by “eyes” would be great.

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If CLI matters, then I guess pynitrokey could do that too. But a simple page with firmware versions list would be indeed nice to have.

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