Lets encrypt fails

I am trying to create a certificate (Enable HTTPS). But when I have provided my email address, and hit the button, I shortly see: “Please wait - active job: domain-or-email (fail) 0secs” (next to button) and then I get the message: “Failed setting up HTTPS/TLS, domain and/or e-mail missing✖” (top right)

I have a static IP.

I can access the instance from outside, I have opened port 80 and 443. I get a message about un-successful SSL-connection (SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG) when I try https://mysubdomain.mydomain.net.

Any idea what to do?

Hey @jeppe,

for the static setup there is a bug, the e-mail is not correctly saved. The workaround is to go through guided dns and set the email there but don’t finish the process, then the e-mail is correctly saved and the static dns setup should work as expected, too.

I expect this week that a new release for nextbox will be published, this will fix the issue together with a Nextcloud update to NC 26.0.2


That worked, thanks🙂

Now Nextcloud 27.0.0 is available. Can you give an estimated release time for the next nextbox-app-update?

We usually stay ~1major version behind, nextcloud by themselves label these as production versions.
So Nextcloud 26 is fine, and the most recent version is 26.0.3, which is also running on the Nextboxes.
Once 26.0.4 arrives it usually takes less than a week, to arrive on Nextbox (this also has something to do with the fact that the server release usually is 1-2days earliert as the accompanied dockerhub release).

I cannot predict when Nextcloud 27.0.x will arrive, usually we start to update towards the next major once the following beta/release-candidates show up.