Libreserver vs NextBox

Hello, someone here have tested the libreserver and can compare it with the nextbox?

Hey @bs02,

No real experience, took a look due to curiosity, my first impressions:

  • the scope differs a lot, NextBox aims to provide a Nextcloud instance with well defined defaults, libreserver provides a platform for many “apps”, also including Nextcloud
  • the audience (customer) also differs, I would say someone needs more technical know-how to set up things (even via the web-administration interface)
  • overall it makes a good impression, but cannot really judge without trying it out, feel free to share your experience with it


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Hallo Daringer, it is a very interesting project with harder and easier setups, becasue everything is based on tor no need to setup domains and etc…but it feels a bit a wip atm, now I am testing umbrel that currently requires to download the full bitcoin node and a lightning node on top, they have announced that soon it will be possible to use it without the btc stuff. It’s a whole different propose of the nextbox, for a personal use I would go with umbrel, for a small company the nextbox although having 'a easy to use email and chat serve with the nextbox would be amazing. This market os selfhost with small server seems to be growing a lot lately. Best