[Linux] Nitrokey "crashes" when trying to decrypt / encrypt while having the nitrokey-app running

Hi everyone,

so I’ve ordered my first pair of nitrokey pros last week and the initial setup was pretty straight straight forward and went without any hickups on my arch linux system.

However I observed that my nitrokey crashes when trying to encrypt / decrypt / authenticate (right before pinentry is supposed to popup) while having the nitrokey-app open, where the key just continuosly flashes the red LED and the operation fails / my secret key is being denied (no pinenty appears). I then have to close the nitrokey-app and replug the nitrokey to make it work again.
I have never had this issue while the nitrokey-app was closed, so I suppose it must have something to do with the app running.

I was wondering if there are other people experiencing this issue and if there might be some kind of workaround?

Thanks in advance and in case additional information is needed, please let me know.

I’ve experienced similar issues when switching between OTP generation (via nitrocli, not Nitrokey App) and OpenPGP operations, see libnitrokey issue #137. My workaround is to reset scdaemon after generating an OTP using:

gpg-connect-agent 'SCD KILLSCD' /bye

thanks for your workaround.
I’ve tested it and it works in my case as well using the Nitrokey-App