List-credentials doesn't work anymore in 1.7.0+

On Nitrokey 3, I was able to use “nitropy fido2 list-credentials” to see all the residential credentials stored on the key.

After 1.7.0 this doesn’t work anymore and results in an error message:

Tested with Nitropy 0.4.45 and multiple Nitrokey 3 sticks.
With Firmware version 1.6.0 it was still working fine and with 1.7.0 and 1.7.2 it stopped working on all of them.

There is a “PIN_AUTH_INVALID” message but the PIN number is definately correct (worked on 1.6.0 with nitropy and does work in the browser when authentication with those credentials)

Command line tool to interact with Nitrokey devices 0.4.45
Please provide pin: 
Critical error:
An unhandled exception occurred
        Exception encountered: CtapError('CTAP error: 0x33 - PIN_AUTH_INVALID')

Critical error occurred, exiting now
Unexpected? Is this a bug? Would you like to get support/help?
- You can report issues at:
- Writing an e-mail to is also possible
- Please attach the log: '/tmp/nitropy.log.gknntulk' with any support/help request!
- Please check if you have udev rules installed:

C:\Users\Admin>nitropy fido2 list-credentials
Command line tool to interact with Nitrokey devices 0.4.47
Please provide pin:
There are no registered credentials
There is an estimated amount of 10 credential slots left

C:\Users\Admin>nitropy nk3 version
Command line tool to interact with Nitrokey devices 0.4.47


Not universal.

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it works for me on the latest 1.7.2 firmware. you could send logs to support.
btw @Koren23 do you work for red hat ?

I can provide logs, of course. How can I create them and where should I send them?
Yes, I work for them but I am here solely on personal reasons. My account and presence on this forum is purely based on private / non professional usage.

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the first post error you mentioned has got all the info about taking and sending logs.
Also you could join matrix support group which is usually more quick way to get support.
Would love to give any other input that would help.


Is this possibly related to this?