Login PIN passthrough to keyring

I have local Ubuntu login with PIN (NKpro2) set up en working. But the PIN doesn’t unlock the Login keyring so everytime it asks me to give in my password to unlock. I need this to get de Protonmail Bridge to work. This is ofcourse not what i want; is there a way, thru PAM configuration or otherwise, that the PIN gets passthrough to unlock de Login Keychain.

Hi @eac!

I do not know the answer unfortunately - perhaps the Gnome Keyring team would do. Have you seen this Arch documentation page already?

Perhaps alternative is to unlock it programmatically by decrypting the password from a GPG encrypted file using smart card.

Thank you for your suggestions. I will take a look at the Arch wiki. I am not a real programmer so that will not be a good option for me.