MacOS Maverick (10.9)

Anyone managed to get the NitoKey App working under MacOS X 10.9 ?

I have just got a NitroKey storage, and installed the CCID driver (the version I could install, that is from Aug. 2014, labelled «no more patch»).
When I launch the NitroKey App : it gives a notification «Nitrokey App active», it shows up in «ps» but no icon is visible, no menu or anything like that.
When I plug the NitroKey storage (brand new, never initialised) on a USB socket I get a notification and then an alert saying : «Encrypted volume is not secure, Select “initialize device” option from context menu». But I can not find the way to a get a menu or a contextual menu which seems somehow connected to Nitrokey App. I have been looking wherever I could think of in term of context to get a contextual menu and can not think of anything more. Is this because my OS is «too old» or am I missing something which should be obvious ?

Thank in advance for any advices.

The Nitrokey App should place itself as a try icon in the top bar (a Nitrokey-lock icon). If it is not visible, that’s most likely because of your old Mac OS version. The best would be to update your Mac OS. Or you could compile and build the Nitrokey App on your system yourself.