Multiple keys for nitropad?

Hi all !
We’re planning to get a bunch of nitropads for our field workers, and I am assigned to administer those boxes. Is there any way to add a second key to the nitropads as a kind of master key, in case the field workers key gets lost, or to possibly backup the nitropad keys into a HSM key in order to re-create a valid key for the particular pad ?
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I cannot tell you directly, but I remember raising this kind of question [here].(Nitrokey App handling two keys, cross-backup?)
(that was the main reason for me not buying a Nitropad at the time, and I understand things changed)

As of now it’s not possible to pair multiple Nitrokeys to a single NitroPad for Measured Boot. In general it should be possible to customize Heads accordingly. If you are very much interested in such feature, we could discuss implementing such customization for you.

Hi Jan,
I think this is a desirable feature for a wider corporate use of nitropads in general,
as of now, you can trash the pad if the token is lost or defective.

I see your point. However in practice it may depend on the particular situation. Say for example, you use the NitroPad in a secure location at the same day you loose the Nitrokey. You may be safe to assume the NitroPad is not compromised.

I would be interested if the situation (It is not possible to use multiple Nitrokeys for a NitroPad’s measured boot) has either already changed or is planned to be changed? :slight_smile:


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