My nitrokey storage seems broke, lights green.. nothing happens!

Yeah my nitrokey storage has a glitchy usb port. How do i fix these nitrokeys when they get a glitchy usb port? I like them so i need better versions, it’s good to have in life and keep passwords and such on them and otp!
But, how ca i fix the nitrokey storage? It just lights green and no blinking when i connect it!
Don’t even show up in the nitrokey-app.
What can i do?

Which operating system? On all computers or only a single one? Have you tried a powered USB hub? Any events in the event log or dmesg under Linux?

I can check another time… i dont get any contact now with lsusb, it’s glitchy…
Might been using it too much, i dont get any connection right now… will try another time i need to do that many times to make it work.