My shipment from Germany to USA is in China

I ordered my first computer from Nitrokey on December 26, and it was shipped on January 13 (from Germany to USA). I still haven’t received it, so I checked tracked my UPS order, and it shows it is in Shenzhen, China.

Why would this be? This is a security concern as it makes no sense logistically. How do I get support from Nitrokey regarding this?

Yerba Mate

Hey @yerbamate

This is indeed not expected, please check your emails, our support has contacted you and we’ll investigate this issue.


Hey mine was also shipped the same day and is also in Shenzhen China currently. What is going on?

Ok, this is really weird, we are investigating this, please report your case(s) to shop (at) nitrokey (dot) com and we’ll look into them…