New article on the Nitrokeys, FIDO2 information?

I wrote something on the new Nitrokey models, summarizing the last few newsletters: Three new NitroKeys! Nitrokey Pro 2, Storage 2 and a FIDO-U2F Nitrokey -

Related to that, I have two questions.

I had to look into Fido and the different U2F options, which is quite confusing when you’re not into it (terminology wise).

  • Is it possible to add FIDO2 support to the Nitrokey FIDO U2F with a firmware update?

  • Will there be other Nitrokey models with a button forcing user interaction? (Press to confirm a PGP sign/action)?

No. We plan a FIDO2 model next year.

Yes, we want to add such touch button to our other models too, next year.

You’re fast Jan,

Will the FIDO2 model be based on the Solo? (

Yes. Therefore we sponsor the Solo project.

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Does supporting the Solo project mean that Nitrokey will have a product like the Solo + SecureClick or the Feitan system described in Troy Hunts excellent article “Beyond Passwords: 2FA, U2F and Google Advanced Protection”? And if so, what is the time frame?

Knut H.

Yes. No specific time frame yet, release expected within next year.


I understand that you may not have a specific time frame which you can provide, but do you have any more information the FIDO2 Nitrokey? I see that the Solo Somu has been funded (, and there has been some work on the firmware (, but I haven’t seen any details since this post.


Our new Nitrokey FIDO2 has just been released.

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