New Device possible?

I note that your Nitrophone 3 Pro, uses the Pixel 7 Pro, with the 128GB model. Would it be possible for me to get GrapheneOS installed by your team, but - onto a Pixel 7 Pro 256GB?

Hey @Airwolf85

yes, this is possible, please write to shop (at) nitrokey (dot) com and we’ll arrange this for you


Good Morning Markus! I must thank you for your reply to my enquiry. I have just received a response from one of your colleagues, Hannes Rihn, to a similar email I had actually forgotten I’d sent. He indicates that the 256GB model isn’t available. Which is it?? I’m a little confused now. I am interested in getting the larger storage option; since 1 current & 2 previous phones, have all been that size.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Wilfrid K.