New Nitrokey Pro with Fido planned?


I am currently doing a 2fa Poc for my company and I would really like to make Nitrokeys our hardware token, however there is no single Nitrokey Product available that has all required features.

I would like to know if there is any future Nitrokey product in the pipeline that has all required features:

Must Have:

  • Fido2 support (with touch)
  • SSH support
  • Curve25519 for SSH keys and Fido2 keys


  • Tamper-resistant smart card
  • OpenPGP and S/SIME support
  • More then 3 Key slots
  • Harddisk encryption

If there is not yet any new product planned, please consider these features for future development.

We only require <30 Token, so I can understand if this is not enough demand to create a new product, but maybe other are looking for the same thing.

As it stands now I would have to use 2 or 3 different Nitrokey products to get the same features as with one Y****** 5 token, which is not something I can or want push through management.

If there is a new product with the required features coming before fall, please let me know so I can still consider it.

We plan to release new hardware for all our models (except Nitrokey HSM) with FIDO2 support (see this roadmap), however I do not know at this stage whether we will finish before the fall.

Next Nitrokey Pro hardware would fulfill all the requirements except for more than 3 key slots. The latter is considered and might be supported in the future. For now Nitrokey Start only has similar functionality.

cc: @jan