Newer coreboot version?

Hello Nitrokey!

I took a deep look into my Nitropad t430 and it seems like it’s configured to run coreboot 4.8.1. This version is quite old.

Any chance I can easily switch to a newer coreboot version?


We are currently working on updating both Nitropads to coreboot 4.12

This is great news! Looking forward to the 4.12 update.

Will it be possible to upgrade from within the heads menu or do we have to get our hands on the hardware?

Great work, BTW. Best Laptop I ever had! :slight_smile:

Since 4.12 was released in May 2020 (1) and now with the current Coreboot version 4.15 the cadence of releases has been shortened to three months (instead of every 6 months before)(2), will there be more continuous updates of the Coreboot version for NitroPads in the future?

(1) Release notes for previous releases — coreboot 4.15-76-gf6e421ffc9 documentation
(2) coreboot 4.15 — coreboot 4.15-76-gf6e421ffc9 documentation

Especially for the Nitropads there is not too much need for more recent coreboot versions, as long as it does not break/misses compatibility as with the upcoming one for QubesOS 4.1 … Coreboot releases mainly introduce new higher level features and/or support for more platforms/mainboards, together with Heads, which ensures firmware integrity, the benefits of newer coreboot versions are very minimal.

From what we see by now, there (likely) will be a way to upgrade from the inside with Heads. This might include some usability drawbacks (less “fancy heads menu”) due to the limited firmware size. This (likely) can be circumvented by flashing the Nitropad externally. As of this writing we are testing the various options and will document all possible upgrade-paths once this has settled.


I vote for a “less fancy heads menu”. Internal flashing would be much more important to me.