Nextbox Backup disappeared

I am trying to backup my nextbox but I don’t see the tab or any backup button. I did a backup in April so unless the UI has changed, All of the nextbox app settings are gone seams like.

The nextbox power off/restart button is gone aswell.On the NextBox App tab I only see remote access and Last Backup. Is there away too fix this without having to reset my box?

Did you switch off and restart? Same without connecting the backup disk?
If restarting without the disk hasn’t the NB app settings coming back, we have a problem with the box itself.
If they come back, the issue is with the backup disk (it happened to me), which you’ll probably have to replace…

Ok so It works on my laptop. but doesn’t show up on my android phone using Firefox. Kinda weird, I even cleared cache/cookies. I tried desktop view aswell and no luck. Atleast it works on my laptop using firefox so I did end up backing it up.

What about trying Fennec (a derivative of Fireox)?