NextBox blinks green but unreachable w/out reason

I have basically the same issue mentioned here. From one day to the other, the NextBox is not reachable anymore. No obvious external event to explain this. Also tried reaching nextbox.local from my laptop connected to my FritzBox via Ethernet to no avail. Status LED is constantly green. Short press of the reset button did nothing.

Any way to troubleshoot this further? I didn’t dare yet to just unplug the Nextbox (not speaking of factory resetting).

Any help greatly appreciated!:slight_smile:

I had the same issue. I guess the Nextcloud container didn’t come up properly after an update (to Nextcloud 23.0.8).
I logged on via SSH and restarted the Nextbox this way. after a few minutes Nextcloud was back up again.

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Thanks for your input. A bummer I didn’t set up ssh access, cannot do it know… :frowning:

So simply unplugging the Nextbox, waiting 10s, and plugging it back it solved my problem. I was too afraid to cause damage by unplugging haha! :slight_smile:
Anyway, thanks to everyone who cared to read and kudos to @BeMiGro for answering! (I might set up ssh now)

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Setting up ssh access is a good idea in any case.
I was just about to write that just powercycling the Nextbox should also do the trick and didn’t do any harm in my case yet, when I saw you just did it.
Happy to read you got it sorted out. :+1:

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