Nextbox colabora/onlyoffice

Is there any news when there will be a possibility for collaborative work on documents with Nextbox, by using for example Colabora or Onlyoffice? Thanks :grinning:

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I regularly retry installing Collabora/NextCloudOffice on my NB, at each update. Still donโ€™t work today July 28.

For OnlyOffice I donโ€™t know -but I know it does work on small shared-hosting installations (I have one).
It also works, by default, on the Nextcloud offered for /e/OS users (the degoogled andoid for which this cloud replaces the google cloud).

This latter service, now called Murena, is moreover free for reasonable filesize hosting, independent from /e/. [disclaimer : in my family we are /e/ users, on Fairphones, with the Murena servers]

Now, IMHO OnlyOffice does not cover as much as Collabora, being restricted to Microsoft file formats among others.

Stay tuned for the next Collabora update :wink:

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