[NextBox] collabora server : is the issue only a matter of datarate?

I see there is an announced issue with the Collabora application, so I stayed clear for now, while definitely having a capacity to edit OpenOffice documents online would be very strong.
I just tried to install the builtin code server, ARM version v. 6.4.1004, and repeatedly get errors thet (only) seem related to timing out, as I am on a basic ADSL link here (typical message : cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 120000 milliseconds with 195198976 out of 203944694 bytes received...)

Is the documented warning about Collabora only related to this kind of timout, or is there something more complex that prevents proper work?

(if it is only timouts, I’ll try moving my NextBox to a place with fiber optics connexion, to allow installation -it may be worth to get it pre-installed too on the NextBoxes)

Thank you!

hey @Herve5,

To be honest, we simply did not dig deeper as you did.
Means, we did some basic testing and the experience was simply not “good” or straightforward, thus we decided to skip it first and look into it later. I am pretty sure that the connection will not have bigger impacts on the user experience for the collabora (and onlyoffice), I believe the main hurdle is cpu-power for collabora and arm compatibility for only-office. (might be wrong, not invested much in evaluation/investigation yet).


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Indeed, I just succeeded (by chance) for the download, but then I get 'failure to connect the Collabora online server' or something of the kind. And things are slow, although I intentionally chose a machine with more RAM (vs more HD). I do see the possibility to ‘create a new doc’, a new workshet etc. but this menu is all I get :slightly_smiling_face:
I don’t know if there is a way to check / change the setup for the Collabora frontend…
So… let’s wait, maybe for the next update.
Thanks @daringer for your quick reply!