[Nextbox] correct Connect box setup?

Hello there,

I need help for correct setup of my Connect Box (Unitymedia/Vodafone).

I managed to unlock Dual-Stack via Vodafone-Support.
I managed the port forwarding for ports 80 + 443 (TCP/UDP) for my Nextbox IP.

but failed resolving: myname.dedyn.io on IPv4 and IPv6

also tried IPv6 Port Filter for incoming traffic with the following values:
-Source address: any
-Destination Address: IPv6 address of my nextbox
-Protocol: TCP/UDP
-Source port: any
-Destination port: 80 + 443
-Traffic policy: yes (allow)

still no success. Any help welcome. Thx.

What happens if you try to connect to your home IP number? ( number like… you get it for instance with many services searching for the sentence ‘what is my IP’)

Sorry, I don’t understand what you want me to try. I’ve found my home IPv4 address, but how do I connect to it?

I was able to successfully test my nextbox’s IPv6 address on ports 80 and 443 with an online port checker (Open Port Check Tool - Jesin's Blog).
No success on IPv6 address via IPv6 test - web site reachability.

Did you follow these steps: Remote Access Walkthrough — Nitrokey Documentation ?

My suggestion is really minimal, but what I meant was just typing the LOCAL IP address of the NextBox (not the one from outside) within the url field of your browser, just to see if you get to it, as apparently your ‘.local’ addressing doesn’t work well.

Thanks for clarification. Yes. No problem to reach Nextbox within my local network. Setting up nextcloud on nextbox was no problem. Was following remote access walkthrough several times. Used guided dynamic dns within the nextbox app in nextcloud. But i receive the following message:

Failed resolving: .dedyn.io [IPv4] need: ...*[IP] found: null
and same for IPv6

The settings within custom dynamic DNS are as follows:

use=cmd, cmd=‘curl https://checkipv4.dedyn.io/

I think the problem is within port forwarding within my ‘connectbox’ (unitymedia/vodafone)… ???