Nextbox does not show green light nor appear on my router

My nextbox just arrived, but after connecting the internet cable and plugging the power usb-c cable, I waited for more than an hour, but I only see the blue light. The internet cable shows only the orange light, the green light is off. What can it be?

Hey @bs02 ,

this looks like your NextBox is not booting.
Did you try switching it off and on again?


hey @daringer yes I tried, but nothing changed, the rpi boots, I can see the red light of the rpi. While the light of the nextbox is always a weak blue

Ok, I was not precise enough, the wording should be: “The NextBox is not fully booting”, once booting finished the LED should change immediately to a brighter color. The most likely case is that the internal hard-disk cannot be found by the system, worst-case: broken hard-disk, but this is extremely rare. Most likely something with the connection is wrong, quite uncommon but might have happend during shipping.

If you’re willing you could try opening the NextBox and check the hard-disk wiring, if this does not help or you don’t want to, please write an email to referencing your order and we’ll take care of it…

Eureka, I opened it and the cable of the SSD was unconnected. Now I have green light on the nextbox, but nextbox.local does not work yet, should I just wait more?

Ok, this looks like the shipping was a tough trip for the NextBox :frowning:

But good to know, so far…
For the nextbox.local functionality please see the FAQ: Remote Access FAQ — Nitrokey Documentation especially the 3rd item. In short: the mechanism realizing nextbox.local is far from perfect, best option is to simply get the local-ip of your NextBox (ping nextbox or ping nextbox.local or check your router) and access the NextBox using this local-ip for the initial installation…

I have my local-ip(an ipv4 that I see under clients on my router), but still can’t access it, I did a ‘ping nextbox’ and it outputs an ipv6 address, should I disable ipv6 on my router?

I performed a reset, now I am in the login page

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