Nextbox - enabling TLS fails

Hi guys,
I just received my Nextbox and started to configure the remote access via Guided Dynamic DNS. Which works well, the Nextcloud instance is reachable via the registered URL at deSEC.
But automatic activation of HTTPS/TLS fails with the message “Failed to acquire with” (details in error message changed for priv. reasons).

Do you have any hint why the acquisition of the LetsEncryp TLS certificate fails?


Hey foerster,

Do you have a subdomain in the form of: “” set up? Currently only a simple subdomain is supported (without 2 dots before … something like: “” ?

Acquiring a certificate mostly fails if letsencrypt cannot reach your NextBox.

  • Are you sure ports 80 and 443 are open towards the right client on your router?
  • You can access your Nextcloud instance via the public URL (best case from outside your LAN - try mobile without wifi) ?
  • Does the domain correctly resolve to your IPv4 and IPv6 address? (this might be relevant due to DS-Lite internet connections, which do not allow incoming traffic through IPv4)

If this does not help, please write and refer to this post, there we can support you better by also exchanging none public information.


Hi daringer,

thanks for the hint with the additional sub-domain, that solved the problem.


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