[NextBox] external storage not remounted after reboot

After using the new ‘shutdown / reboot’ feature I discover that the external disk I added for backups does not remount automatically, so if I want to update my backup I have to restart the whole external-volume-mount/define-as-backup/select-backup process.

This is not critical at all indeed, but I think when you’ll implement automated backups it should be considered that a user having set this will not expect everything being cancelled just because it has moved its machine from one point to another, shutting it down in the process…

Hey @Herve5,

yep, you’re totally right, we already have this on the screen, see: Improve Storage Management · Issue #22 · Nitrokey/nextbox-daemon · GitHub
I added the last checkbox, but yes this generally is handled by the overall “Advanced Storage Management”


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