Nextbox: How to change internal disk?

Hello, my nextbox finally arrived :raised_hands:t3:.

I want to use the internal disk to backup my box. So I have to replace the internal disk. I have not started the Nextbox to directly start with the new disk. I found the ‚‘ script on github to prepare the disk but wasn‘t able to finish the setup. My questions are the following:

Where should the script be executed?
Can this be processed without the inital box setup?
Where do I get the serial as the second input parameter for the script?
Is this process documented anywhere? Couldn‘t find any information.


Hey @Griswold,

generally the documentation for hard-disk replacement is not yet there, see the todo here: NextBox: Missing documentation · Issue #38 · Nitrokey/nitrokey-documentation · GitHub

Overall you’ve already found the right file but this one is mainly for production therefore the serial, which will lead to a token, which is saved on the drive (used as identification for the backwards proxy).

Generally, you could make it work like that:

  • remove line 28 in (the python call)
  • remove line 60 in, which copies the nextbox.conf generated by the python script
  • now you can run for the designated hard-drive (use 12345678 as serial it’s only used by the python script)
  • further you have to copy the nextbox.conf from /nextbox/ on your internal drive to the same location on the new harddrive

Mechanical the replacement of the hard-drive is quite straight forward, a phillips screwdriver should be enough, anyways be careful with the connectors and the wiring.

hope this helps until the docs are updated,

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Thank you, this worked for me perfectly, box was up after 3 minutes and is now ready for configuration.

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