NextBox not reachable from German workplace

Hello fellow nerds,

My nextbox has been up and running for a few months. https via the guided DynDNS and stuff is all set up nicely. I can connect to the Nextbox and sync via CalDav and CardDav with both my private and work MacBooks from my home network. These things also work with my phone via my mobile provider’s network! :slight_smile:

However, I was never able to connect to my nextbox when connected to my workplace’s network, no matter whether I used a phone or laptop, or whether I was connected to the network via WLAN or LAN.

Any idea why or hints what I can do to analyse the problem further? :slight_smile:

Thanks all! :slight_smile:

Edit: In my homenetwork, I did ping out of fun just now. It then shows an IP-address via which I should be able to also reach my Nextbox, correct? Well, if I do from any browser I get “Firefox/Safari/Chromium can’t establish a connection to the server at / refused to connect / ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED” (same for http). If this is connected to my original issue above then this might be valuable information.

Hey @Tencel,

mmh, hard to tell could be: no IPv6 support in your work-network, dynamic dns providers blocked, dynamic ip ranges blocked and so on…

mmh, this should at least show you the “access from non-trussed domain Nextcloud page”, are you sure your port-forwarding is set up properly, what do the status-bars show currently in your “remote access” view