Nextbox: Not reachable from non-German countries

Hi everybody,

I’ve got a weird problem with my Nextbox. It works perfectly fine from within Germany - I can reach it from within my own network, or from mobile networks, and friends all across Germany can access it, too.

However, as soon as I try to access it from a network outside of Germany, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t seem to matter whether it is EU or not - I tested it with Switzerland and France, couldn’t reach it from there.

Is there something I can do? Since I often travel between Switzerland and Germany, I was hoping I could keep my data stored in the Nextbox and still access it from across the border.

Hey @Noldorion,

puh that’s a tough one, but honestly I cannot think of a mechanism which should realize this restriction. My feeling is that the you are accounting the problem towards the wrong reason. From my experience the geographical location has no impact on reachability, especially you can use services (and others) like: and many more, which are surely not located in Germany, and they work just fine.

Can you elaborate further what kind of error you encounter on the clients which do not work? 404? no dns resolved? did you try directly through the IP, like, what happens then? Does the backward proxy work? Which DNS mechanism do you use?


Hey @daringer,

thanks for the reply. I use the Guided DynDNS method via to connect to my Nextbox. I haven’t yet tried it via the Backwards Proxy, but I will the next time I’m in Switzerland. I’ll also check the specific error message then.

I use Cloudflare as a DNS resolver, but I also tried it with my standard ISP DNS server, without success.

How do I find out my Nextbox’s IP to try a direct connection?

Hey @Noldorion,

yes please try to collect the actual errors you encounter.
To get the IP, please just do a ping this should show you the IP with which you could try to connect directly (use https and ignore the certificate warning).

Okay, this turns out to be a rather weird problem. I was in Switzerland again and tested it, and again I couldn’t reach NextBox. So I pinged the NextBox, which worked, but the error message remained the same:

So it was actually pingable, but I couldn’t open it. I couldn’t try Backward Proxy yet. The weird thing happened when I returned home: I was unable to reach it from my home network, too, with the laptop I used in Switzerland, too.

It only worked again once I rebooted the laptop. I have no idea what to make of it.

This was the ping output: [ping output was good]

edit by @daringer: removed the image for privacy-reasons, because it leaked the domain

And this was the message when I got home: connection failed from the browser

edit by @daringer: removed the image for privacy-reasons, because it leaked the domain

(Sorry for the multipost, I can only attach one picture per post, it seems.)


Especially the fact that after rebooting the Laptop the connection works again leaves the impression there might be an issue with you laptop. Could it be that some Firewall blocked the connection ?


while the issue that the laptop needed a reboot might be connected to a firewall on said laptop, the issue of the NextBox being unreachable is not. A friend of mine was unable to connect to it from a different device in Switzerland, and another friend could not connect to it from yet another device in France.

Or do you mean a firewall in my router is blocking it?

ok, you are right, but this then actually points towards your router. Hard to diagnose, can you ask your friends to try to connect to ports (80 & 443) directly ? with something lower level-ish than a browser to see what’s actually answered there.

Did you check that nothing else on your router is blocking any of both ports ? I can also ping, but not connect to the domain shown in the picture above (which I removed now). Are all “premium” services off? Like myfritz and similar?