Nextbox setup error


i just bought the nextbox

and im trying setup admin and i get this error

Error while trying to create admin user: Failed to connect to the database: An exception occurred in driver: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2006] MySQL server has gone away

further down it gives a performance warning:

Performance warning

You chose SQLite as database.
SQLite should only be used for minimal and development instances. For production we recommend a different database backend. If you use clients for file syncing, the use of SQLite is highly discouraged.

anybody run into this problem and know what is the right thing to do?

thank you in advance

Hey christan_olsen,

this is due to the fact that the sql server may sometimes take more time than expected during 1st boot-ups, please wait ~3mins before typing in the password.

If this does not work, please do a factory reset as documented here: (the button is the right of two pinholes on the side of the nextbox, right of to the LED. Use a pin similar to what you use for removing a sim from a smartphone).


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Thank you so much i will it again

Resetting the nextbox worked

Admin account was created with no problems

Everything is working

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Hello @daringer ,
I discover with great surprise that one can buy and get a Nextbox today, while, being a crowdfunder since the very beginning (contributor #150!), I’m still waiting mine, that initially was due in April.

Is this true and how can it happen??

I was naively trusting the last communication on Kickstarter, detailing the switch from Ubuntu to Debian as the cause for a delay.
Not for the newcomer apparently.

I entered here because of my confidence on the Nitrokey I already have : I must say I am quite shocked!

(let’s mention I of course filled up my address details on Kickstarter, long ago)

Hey Herve5,

think you are getting the wrong impression here, let me clarify:

  • you actually can order the NextBox in the shop right now, but this is a pre-order which will be sent out after the Kickstarter NextBoxes are sent out
  • the Kickstarter communication is perfectly true and we’ve been trying to be as transparent as possible, all things transported there are still very true as of today
  • christian_olsen and a handful of others have pre-ordered the NextBox already in Oct./Nov. 2020, at this point we introduced the NextBox (only) into our shop, without knowing that we’ll do a Kickstarter campaign, thus as they have been so early we sent out a handful of NextBoxes with not fully finished software functionalities (recently, some weeks before the Kickstarter deliveries).

For Kickstarter we (as described in our Ubuntu to Debian update) want to deliver the full (promised) set of functionalities, these are currently being finalized.

Hope this make this clear, sorry if this created confusion.

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OK, I’ll have discovered all of this, also including the information of which I never was made aware…
P. S. you may correct the website as it announces “order sent within 2 to 10 days” at this moment…