Nextbox Support after 2026

I really like how my nextbox works. But there is this number. What happens after 2026, when Debian security updates are no more available? Are we all gonna upgrade Debian manually, and then everything starts again (Nitrokey delivers the Nextbox App, the delivers updates etc…), until, let’s say 2031? :slight_smile: I would happily donate (again!) for this to happen. Here: I donate for firmware updates | - but, a general yes/no/maybe from nitrokey would be very helpful.

It would be a real pity if we all need to trash our boxes after 2026, and install Nextcloud on our old iMacs :wink:


@daringer or anyone else @nitrokey?

Hey @benzkji

currently the plan that we will plan to update to the next Debian version. The idea is that you’ll have the option to opt-in into this update for quite some time (maybe ~6months) and after this time the Nextbox will be updated automatically. We are currently working on this and will announce it once it’s available.



Thanks, that’s good news indeed!