[Nextbox]Using with vodafone / no ipv6

hey folks,

want to set up my fresh delivered nextbox but failed so far. i strayed a bit through docs and the forum but yet cannot find what is wrong so lemme present what i got, hope for your help :slight_smile:

(from nextbox app dialog)

  • DynDNS (DEDYN) is working for ipv4
  • DynDNS (DEDYN) is not working for ipv6
  • Reachability waiting to be tested ← this step never ends in a result
  • HTTPS / TLS is activated

so far so good. Without any port forwarding, i reach my routers homepage - not freaking ideal, i know, but at least i can reach port 80 on my dns address. With port forwarding activated it simply times out.

but there is more - if i try to open nextbox.local i get also a time out pointing on the DNS address … either there is something messed up in the config or … well - is ipv6 mandatory? my router does not have a DNS rebind feature - did i missed something?

Greetings and thanks,


EDIT: From out of my local network, it is reachable - what the heck? oO

Did you open both ports 80 + 443 as documented here: Port Forwarding & Firewall Configuration — Nitrokey Documentation

yes - and it kinda works - at least i can logon, allthough i receive problems on client (app) side - but this should not be the topic here. Probably it is now … working?!?

Do you use your public domain for all your clients? Means your dynamic DNS domain, like https://foobar.dedyn.io, anything else might confuse your clients.

yes i do - but i cannot sync anything, but this might be an configuration issue - so allthough i receive errors on config page it is ok?

mmmh, sync should work without issues, that’s weird, any errors on that?

Further it’s not clear to me which “config page” you are referring to, can you be more precise please and also please paste the error, because it’s hard to guess which one you mean here :wink:

Did you check the FAQ? Frequently Asked Questions — Nitrokey Documentation