NextBox: What happens after update period of UbuntuCore is over?

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I am new to this forum. If the way I phrase my questions or how I organise them into topics is somehow wrong feel free to correct me! :slight_smile: While, due to my occupation (in mental health), I am very much aware of how important protection of (personal) data is, I am also not particularly trained in computer science (but I like to think I’m catching up).

That being said, I am very much delighted by the NextBox. However, I was wondering about the Ubuntu Core updates:

What happens after the update period of 8 years expires? Will the NextBox be unusable? Or will it have security issues? Does one need to buy a new one then?

Thanks for your input!

Hi @Tencel!
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I believe this means that this particular Ubuntu Core version should have updates at least for the next 8 years (which is longer than current 4 years for the long term supported distributions - Ubuntu LTS). Later the OS there might need reinstallation, or just a simple upgrade to the next release. Let me ask my colleague for the details / confirmation.

@daringer Could you elaborate on that topic?

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Hi @szszszsz (and @daringer, if I may cheekily steer you to this thread :innocent:)
any news on this one? :slight_smile:
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I will ping @daringer about this

Hey together,

we are currently preparing some documentation about this topic, will post it here, too, once it’s done.