Nextbox wont boot so I cant access it

Hi, I have connected my nextbox up and all I get is a slow blinking yellow light. After 24 hours I pressed reset now I have a fixed blue light as though booting. I am sorry I dont know what to do to get the box working as I cannot access it across the network even though it has been allocated an ipa address.

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hi, I have the same problem.
It was working properly last thursday 19.1. But During weekend I couldn’t reach my nextbox from home and today at work Nextbox giving this blinking yellow light. Also tried to reset but now i only see light blue led. Now nextbox doesn’t even response to reset anymore.

Mine still not working

I don’t have the skills to hack into it and work out what is wrong

The helpfiles are very sketchy and the explanation for what the lights mean are poor


Clive Nattrass




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