Nextcloud v25 update

I see that v25 has been available for quite some time but it won’t update because it says the Nextbox app isn’t compatible. Does anyone have a timeline for this nextbox app update?

Was assuming maybe @daringer might know?

hey @khj

Nextcloud v25 was already published, I think two versions already, the Nextbox app also installs automatically, there might be something wrong with your Nextbox. Please write to support(at)nitrokey(dot)com with your SOxxxxxx and we’ll look into it in more detail.


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Thanks, I wrote an email. Are you on the support inbox? Either way, thanks for helping.

Hi @daringer it seems my nextcloud is looking for the app and points to this repository to say that the app is not up to date. NextBox - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

How can you say that there are new versions?